Civic Life

Student Parliament

Composed of elected student representatives, the Student Parliament deals with all matters concerning student and campus life.

It votes on the institution’s strategy to improve living and study conditions on the university's campuses, and manages the share of the Student and Campus Life Contribution (CVEC) allocated to the organisation of activities and life on campuses.

The Student Parliament is one of the three central boards at Université Gustave Eiffel, alongside the Administrative Board, which is responsible for the administrative, financial and political management of the institution, and the Academic Council, which covers teaching and research at the institution.

Student Representatives

The Student Vice-Presidency (VPEE)

Your Student Vice-President, Enora Lorcy, and your Assistant Student Vice-President, Gerald Lebigot, are running the VPEE on an interim basis until the next student elections in December 2020.

Your Elected Representatives on the Central Boards

You can elect your student representatives every two and a half years. Two students sit on the Administrative Board, and 12 students sit on the Academic Board, 4 of whom are PhD students. All of these elected officials are members of the Student Parliament.

Find the list of students elected to the central boards in your ENT (digital work environment)!

Your Elected Representatives on the Boards of Component Institutions

Student representatives participate on the boards of their constituent institutions and are elected every two years by the students of these constituent institutions. In this way, they participate in its organisation, policies and management. They are also members of the Student Parliament.

To obtain the contact details for your student representatives, please contact your course secretariat.

Your Local Delegates

Your delegates are chosen at the beginning of the year or semester from members of a seminar (“TD”), lecture (“amphi”) group or year (“promotion”), depending on how the program is organised. They are valuable contacts who can participate in working groups that have an impact on campus life.

Several meetings are organised throughout the year to address general points or cover issues specific to constituent institutions, and share information with them.

The Presidency

Hélène Jacquot-Guimbal is acting President of the University until December 2020.

She has asked Karine Marot (Acting Vice-President of Student Life, and the University’s co-officer for Gender Equality) to revitalise student activities and improve everyday living conditions for students on campus.