Medical Appointments, the Disabled Student Center and Social Issues


Student Health Service

Copernicus Building

01 60 95 74 43

Medical Appointments

The Student Health Service (SSU) is at your service for health consultations, guidance and information.

You can make medical appointments for:

  • Adaptations to the studies of students with disabilities
  • Routine appointments
  • Certificates of fitness for sport
  • Health check-ups for foreign students (OFII check-ups)
  • Any medical appointments you may require, for any reason
  • Vaccinations
  • Psychological counselling
  • Treatments and emergencies

Disabled Student Center

If you have a disability, the Disabled Student Center can offer you personalised support throughout the academic year: additional exam time in consultation with your doctor, permission to use an amanuensis (scribe) or a reader in examinations, transport for university outings, loan of equipment (ergonomic chair, laptop, etc.).

Be sure to contact the center in order to define an adapted study plan after your medical check-up with the Student Health Service.

Services for University Students

Social Welfare

The Social Welfare Department is at your service for information and guidance about social rights (free top-up health insurance [CSS], energy vouchers, reduced-rate transport card [carte de solidarité transport], etc.), and about students’ entitlement to financial aid.

You can make an appointment with the social worker for:

  • Counselling, guidance and access to rights (concerning legal issues, health and financial matters, intra-family relations, harassment, etc.)
  • Financial aid from various organisations (CROUS [Regional Student Welfare Office], FSDIE [Solidarity Fund for Development of Student Initiatives], CPAM [Local Sickness Insurance Fund] , etc.)
  • Budget management
  • Social support for administrative procedures and with relational difficulties