Digital Environment

The University gives you access to a personal workspace and online resources.

To log in to your digital work environment and email account, use your student email address and the password you received when you enrolled.

Digital Work Environment (ENT)

You can access your student record directly via your ENT, in any location, in order to:

  • View your grades (after examination juries have deliberated)
  • Print out your enrolment certificates
  • View your curriculum
  • Change your postal address

To do so, log in to:

Your ENT gives you access to:

  • Your student email account
  • Online courses related to your study program on
  • Online language courses (only accessible after your administrative enrolment at the school).
    If you need any help, contact:
  • Digital library resources
  • Information on international relations (finding an internship abroad, exchange programs, mobility grants, etc.)
  • Information, guidance and support for your professional integration
  • Job and internship offers
  • Information about student life (practical aspects, news, your elected representatives, etc.)
  • Information about your academic record

You will receive your login details after completing your administrative enrolment.

If you forget your username or password, go to:

To change your password, you can use Passreminder:

Student E-Mail Account

Université Gustave Eiffel will use your e-mail address to send you essential information about your academic year. You must consult your e-mails regularly.

You can redirect your e-mails from the University to another email address by activating the forwarding function.

Log in to, under “Options/email forwarding”.


You can view your timetable on the ENT or access it directly at


On campus, students can log in to the network via Wi-Fi from a laptop or smartphone.

For further information about the procedure, please consult the following page:

Need Help?

To report malfunctions in classrooms or problems accessing applications: