Capitalising on Your Activities in Your Program

Services for University Students

In the framework of Personal Development Course Units (Unités d’Enseignement d'Ouverture – UEO), and subject to the agreement of the program manager, these courses may be eligible for ECTS validation. In this case, students will follow the FLE courses designed for exchange students.

Optional courses available this year:

  • Languages 
  • Tandem 
  • Drama workshop in English
  • Debating 
  • Student Representatives 
  • Student Officers 
  • Central Board Officers 
  • University sports competitions 
  • Volunteering 
  • Tutoring 
  • Entrepreneurial students
  • Digital workshops
  • French for Speakers of Other Languages (FLE) 
  • Cultural and artistic awareness 
  • International sponsorship
  • Laboratory for Idea Design (LabCi) 
  • French Sign Language (LSF)
  • French cinema from 1908 to 1919
  • The cinema of Poets

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For more information on how to promote your course, please contact the administration office for your course.